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Although obesity in women is well established in the last ten years, approximately 60% of overweight and obese women are the health risks that are critical to the direction, focus, and significant weight loss is the best way to reduce the risk.

Losing weight is especially important for women who aspire to do more abdominal weight in a typical form of "apple", because these women are at greatest risk, because of how their bodies to store fat, too much to promote free of hormones, which contribute to poor health.

Overweight women have a higher risk of hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Recent studies have shown that extra fat in the body is female, which also causes hormonal imbalances that can lead to infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, irregular menstrual periods, migraine, and the aggravation of PMS and PMDD. Use of hCG treatment is highly effective weight loss in women is the standard protocols, such as very low calorie diet and regular exercise and 15 minutes a day with injections.

Losing weight is the most important way to reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, and weight loss, hCG is a safe and quick to regain control of his health. Often patients lose weight to stop the medication and high blood pressure and diabetes and may reduce blood pressure and health standards. In addition, hCG protects muscle mass while encouraging your body to release fat reserves, which increases muscle mass through strength training really and aerobic exercise, the fat tissue to cause significant and rapid changes in the body. As you add muscle mass, increase metabolism at rest, so it is possible that your body burns more calories at rest.

Since the reaction of hCG injection in his lower body control calories, so there is no hunger, or a small significant reduction in food intake. And because a significant amount of stored fat, your body will quickly adapt to fewer calories, since the release of all available calories your body stores. Following protocol, the hypothalamus can go back and continue to promote less fat storage, so it is possible that weight loss is a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain.

Women who are overweight and want to lose weight as quickly as possible without the risk of invasive surgical procedures are permanent loss of hCG as an alternative. Injections are made of a thin needle and cause little or no pain, and men can achieve weight loss, hCG are important and dramatic. Most of the women reported the loss of at least one free day without fatigue or hunger, and if the weight stays, it will be easier and easier to move more, eat less and make major changes to their lifestyle promote good health continues.




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