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At Coastal Weight Loss Centers, the patients have had considerable success with the LOW C.A.R.B. Program. The key (to the low carbohydrate diet) is to limit the total amount of carbohydrates taken in to 50 grams per day. The body is then forced to burn fat instead of glucose resulting in ketosis. This can become a bit of an educational problem specially if you are retrained to think of fat as the Carbohydrates. We have made the educational process far more easier by utilizing the high Protein bars for Breakfast and Lunch. The sensible dinner is low in carbohydrates as are the snacks. This way you will see results right away and there are less decisions to make only one meal.

Medifast has been around there for a long time operating within the modified programs segment of the weight loss industry. It ranks among the leaders such as Optifast, in terms of the number of physicians and other healthcare organization sites, and number of people using this type of prescription weight loss program. Our drug medifast is a leader in medical meal replacement products used by consumers and medical practitioners for more than 15 years. With over 10 million patients and 25,000 doctors previously working with its products, this program has been sold to much of the company previous customer base.




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