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One of the best things about being on the Medifast plan is the support you received from the online community.  Once you purchase your food and register, you are able to expreience "my medifast," a place to chronicle your weight loss progress, find answers to questions, and celebrate your and others success.

The progress photos and success stories are great.  So many people have lost 40, 60, 80 pounds or more and they don't even look like their former selves.  The journey is hard for a lot of people, but the destination is simply amazing.  It's hard to believe that in just one month 20 pounds can be eliminated.  People just don't realize how quickly the weight can come off and how wonderful people look and feel afterwards. 

If you are looking into medifast, visit the Medifast Weight Loss home page and read some of the stories.  I hope you are inspired to take action.  I know that's what got me started on the road, and the successes are what are going to keep me going as I become my own success story.

Mini-progress report:  14 pounds lost after three weeks on the program.  So far, no real change in my clothes or the way I look, although I do feel a little better.  What's interesting is that as you start to finally feed your body good things, there is a fog of sorts that lifts.  You are truly well fed, not fattened.  The mental clarity has been probably the most notable benefit so far.  As they say often in weight watchers, it's a "non-scale" victory, but an important one.



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