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The Medifast 5&1 program is designed to safely create a gap between the calories you take in and the calories your body burns naturally.  Every Medifast meal is formulated with a clinically proven balance of complex carbohydrates and complete proteins that will promote rapid weight loss without sacrificing nutritional needs.  Within 2-3 days of starting the 5&1 program your body will enter the fat-burning state of mild ketosis.  In this state your body will actually burn excess body fat for energy. The benefits of being in this fat-burning state include rapid weight loss, the elimination of physical hunger, the preservation of lean muscle mass and having plenty of energy.

Getting into the fat-burning state on the 5&1 program is your first step to success.  Your body will generally need 2-3 days to do this.  Many—but not all—of those who go on the 5&1 find the first three days to be slightly difficult.  Rest assured that our goHealth team has successfully helped thousands through this initial period.  We will help you to adjust as quickly and smoothly as possible as well as make recommendations for the relief of minor, transitory symptoms.  Also please understand that in no way are these first three days representative of the Medifast program as a whole.  What lies just on the other side of day three is the incredible benefits of being in the fat-burning state;  rapid weight loss, the elimination of physical hunger, and having plenty of energy!   As Health Advisors we have experienced this transformation and look forward to hearing you say:

"I'm losing weight and feeling great!"

The average weight loss per week on the 5&1 program is 3-5 pounds.  The significance of rapid, safe weight loss cannot be overstated.  Please listen to a short audio clip of our Medical Director Dr. Wayne Anderson speaking about this phase of the program:



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