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The The other day I received an e-mail from a reader who asked me to join some sort of cliff notes version of what the Medi Fast diet is all about. So, in the article below, I ga on some basic facts about this diet give you an overview of what life would be on it.

You actually eat much at Medi Fast: Maybe it is because the word "quick" in the name of the diet, but it is a general misconception that only a liquid or starvation type of diet. Although the calorie and carbohydrate content of the diet is low, you eat frequently - six times a day to be exact. You do not eat less than five of the company pre-prepared meals and then you have a larger "lean and green" meal itself. This is basically 6 grams of lean protein and vegetables - preferably those low on the glycemic index. You can mix together to a meal or a pot of soup, etc. or you can eat separately. You can lean and green at any time during the day.

You are not limited only to shake his. There are many options shaking, but there are also bars, puddings, soups, stews, chilis, eggs, oatmeal, coffee, hot chocolate, and fruit drinks. You can also use these ingredients as a base for other recipes, so the variety and the control is there, but you do not have to count calories or carbs or points tally.

The Medi Fast Diet has been developed and tested by doctors, but you do not have prescription Get It: This diet was originally developed as a means for cardiac patients to lose weight quickly in the preparation of operations and procedures. It worked so well that further tests. Was assessed at the end of a John Hopkins study found that people on Medi Fast lost twice the amount of weight as the American Diabetic Association diet (and stuck with it for twice as long.)

Once upon a time, you had to be under the supervision of a physician to participate, but this is no longer the case. Although the website provides physician referrals and nutritional support and guidance, you can use the food yourself online and have them sent right to your door.

Medi Fast is a Low Carb Diet That Works A Lot Like Atkins or South Beach With Out The Pain: Because there are many snack options (shakes, bars, oatmeal, pudding, etc.), most people do not realize that this is a low carb diet. The foods are high in protein and perform an average of only 100 calories each. This works for your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. This sounds scary, but it is just another way of saying that your body is burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

The beauty is that you do not eat pork rind and eggs all day al When I South Beach, I lost much weight but my cholesterol was sky high. That is not the case has been on this diet.





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